Learn 3 Secrets to fix procrastination from roots by recoding mindset and installing productivity. Sign up now and I'll be meeting you on 2nd April 2022 in the masterclass.

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What you'll learn in this Masterclass?

3 Untold Secrets

Learn the untold secrets and how does productivity decreases because of them. As everything is interconnected.

3 Habitual Reasons

The next thing is 3 habitual reasons we are unaware of. Learn why we often blame and complain because inner conflicts.

3 Universal Myths 

88% people procrastinate at workplace and the other stats will blow your mind. Learn how to fix it and be productive.

Fix Procrastination Like Never Before...

Procrastination is a serious issue that more and more people are facing in different aspects of their lives. It's doesn't just apply to writing projects or office assignments. It can apply to numerous areas of your life from how you feel to how you think. It is a deep rooted inner conflict in the subconscious mind. 

Fear of failure, how to start, worries about losing control and the feeling of being overwhelmed can also contribute to procrastination.

All of these emotions are tied to the 3 hidden secrets and behavioural patterns we possess. Learn how to overcome procrastination in this seminar.I constantly remind my tribe that there is no such thing as a bad time to "Divorce procrastination and Marry pProductivity for a blissfully prosperous life."

A Powerful Program & The Twinkle Club delivers Life-Changing results :

Tannia Roy George

2020 was a downfall of emotions, career and even relations. Meeting you was positive sort of emotions! There was definitely a purpose in my life and her constant guidance and teachings gave a lot of clarity on how to be consistent, productive and fixing procrastination. 

The transformation for me is slowly accepting myself by gradually instilling clarity in my thoughts. The Tannia in 2020 was just a lesson, but the present Tannia is all about being blessed and grateful for little things or moments in her life. I'm happy to be the part of "The Twinkle Club" for life.


I was someone who likes to plan things beforehand however I blame, criticise and really can't accept myself if I'm not going to take it forward as planned. With you and your guidance, I have got the Right mindset of planning and how to take steps to achieve it. 

I'm now leading an organised life and my success has been observed personally & professionally. People around me could see the progress I have been making. I feel proud to your Mentee. Today I'm CONFIDENT, SELF-LOVING, PRODUCTIVE Aspiring Coach.


During my tough days, I was a person who needed someone. I used to only do things in comfort zone and was sensitive to criticism. I felt different after joining the twinkle club. 

The courage to pursue my dreams regardless of others' views. Being productive this time, I'm attempting to push myself with ease. We are learning to love ourselves. You make me realise my true potential and who I'm. Thank you for this lovely and positive community.

Hi, I'm Twinkle lalwani,

A chronic procrastinator turned AntiProcrastination Coach and Positive Psychologist. I'm also a Mom to a 5yrs young boy & wife to a Doting Husband, On mission to add value in millennials life, by helping & supporting them to have more Productive, Profound and Prosperous Life by eliminating procrastination.